Can I Apply GrubEx and Fertilizer at the Same Time?

A healthy and good-looking lawn is what every homeowner wants. Unfortunately, there’s a wide range of pests that invade turfgrass. Sometimes, you may not see these pests as they often live underground while eating the roots of your plants. Grub larvae are some of the most common pests that affect lawns.

What’s the best solution to fight grub larvae? Applying some fertilizers and pesticides such as GrubEx is one of the best solutions for controlling pests. But can I apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time? Can you apply too much GrubEx to eliminate pests once and for all? Well, this article will answer these questions in detail.

Can you apply fertilizer and GrubEx at the same time?

Essentially, it’s not advisable to apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time. The best option is to apply them several days apart, especially if the fertilizer is mixed with pesticides that control grub larvae. However, if the fertilizer doesn’t have extra products such as pesticides and herbicides, then it would be safe to apply them at the same time. Why is this so? Read on to find out.

Check Symptoms and Causes

Sometimes, the symptoms of pest damage on turfgrass can be similar and thereby demand both fertilizer and pesticide. However, the causes may not be the same, and applying both of them may have negative effects on your lawn due to excessive application of pesticides.

For instance, if you notice brown or yellow patches on grass, especially during drought, then it’s time to apply fertilizer to give them a dose of nutrients that will green them for a lush, healthy look. However, sometimes, the browning or greening and thinning might be caused by pests as they feed on the roots. You can tell that the cause is pests if you notice skunks, moles, or birds digging around your lawn. They are likely digging up the larvae for food.

Best Timing

What you need to do when applying fertilizer and GrubEx is to get the timing right. For instance, some fertilizers contain both nutrients and herbicides (weed & feed fertilizers) to feed plants while killing weeds. Others only contain nutrients without herbicides (straight fertilizers). For instance, once you apply GrubEx, you can go ahead and apply any straight fertilizer immediately. However, if you apply GrubEx, wait for at least two weeks before applying a weed & feed fertilizer.

Can You Apply Too Much GrubEx?

It is not advisable to apply too much GrubEx. You should apply GrubEx once annually from spring through early summer. At this time, the pests are yet to hatch eggs but are most active. GrubEx comes in the form of granules. The granules should only be applied on a dry lawn.

You can use a drop spreader or rotary spreader to apply GrubEx granules. The lawn should be watered immediately after applying the pesticide to activate it. It remains effective for up to four months upon activation. Once the lawn dries, pets and people can resume using the lawn.

Final Thoughts

You should avoid applying a weed & feed fertilizer at the same time with Grubex as they both contain pesticides. However, it is okay to apply a straight fertilizer together with GrubEx to offer both nutrition and control grub. Apply GrubEx when pests are most active, which is during spring to early summer. The best time to apply a weed and feed fertilizer is when you are reseeding your lawn and two weeks after applying GrubEx.

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