Best Fertilizer for Peppers- Top 8 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Growing peppers is quite effortless, especially when you grow them in the best conditions including a well-drained soil, a soil rich in essential nutrients, and a sunny spot. They’re ideal for growing in gardens and spacious containers. Healthy peppers are a colorful addition to any garden. However, growing healthy peppers and enjoying bigger harvests with maximum flavor requires fertilizing them during the warm growing season. However, you should only feed them with the best fertilizer for peppers.

Typically, almost all types of pepper plants are light feeders. Thus, you need to feed them with the appropriate fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing them excessively. Excessive fertilizing can make peppers grow more foliage but reduce their productivity. The best time to feed peppers is to apply fertilizer into the soil before transplanting seedlings. Also, you can fertilize them lightly once they start blossoming during the warm, growing season.

While it’s important to feed peppers with essential nutrients, choosing the right fertilizer matters most. However, the market today is flooded with a multitude of fertilizers for peppers. Thus, you might find it quite challenging to make the right choice. This article makes it easier for all gardeners to choose the right fertilizer for peppers. Read on for detailed reviews and a buyer’s guide.

Quick Comparison Table

Product NameFertilizer Analysis (NPK Ratio)Our RatingPrice
Miracle-Gro 300261010-5-15


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General Hydroponics Flora Grow2-1-6 / 5-0-1 / 0-5-4


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Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer 15-Pounds1-0-0


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Dr. Earth Organic 54-6-3


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Jobe’s Organics 90262-5-3


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J R Peters Inc (52064)20-20-20


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Osmocote Smart-Release 8 lb14-14-14


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Plant Magic Plant Food 1/2 lb16-5-5


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Top 8 Fertilizer for Peppers

There’re several manufacturers today who specialize in manufacturingfertilizers for vegetablesand fruits, including those ideal for feeding peppers. A basic fertilizer for peppers should at least contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium as the key nutrients. Let’s review some of the best brands of fertilizer for peppers.

1. Miracle-Gro 3002610

Miracle-Gro offers outstanding gardening and landscaping products. The Miracle-Gro 3002610 fertilizer is specially formulated to feed plants such as tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables with essential nutrients. It’s ideal for feeding all types of peppers.

Top Features

  • Rich in natural ingredients– The most outstanding aspect of this fertilizer is that it’s made of natural ingredients. It contains kelp, earthworm castings, bone meal, and feather meal. These ingredients feed important microbes in the soil. In turn, the microbes make essential micronutrients more readily available for peppers.
  • Promotes stronger growth– The fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients that peppers need most. The nutrients help peppers to grow stronger throughout the growing season. That way, they’re also able to survive tough conditions.
  • Stimulates more productivity-There’s nothing as frustrating for a gardener as growing plants only to have poor yield. If you want your pepper plants to produce more yield with improved flavor, consider applying this fertilizer. It stimulates the development of more flowering points, hence more productivity.
  • Long-lasting feeding– Another major aspect of this fertilizer is that it reduces the effort required to feed your peppers. When applied the right way, it’ll feed your peppers for up to three months. That way, you won’t have to reapply the fertilizer now and then.
  • Contains calcium– Besides other ingredients, this fertilizer is also rich in calcium. Calcium assists pepper plants to develop stronger cell walls. That way, they’re able to produce high-quality peppers. Additionally, calcium protects peppers from developing disorders linked tocalcium deficiency.


  • The bottle design makes it easier to apply the granules
  • Boosts the development of stronger roots
  • Suitable for application in containers and gardens
  • It doesn’t require any premixing with water
  • Continuous release formula


  • Can burn young peppers
  • The lid fails to clip shut after opening it


The Miracle-Gro 3002610 fertilizer is most suitable for any gardener who prefers growing peppers organically.

2. General Hydroponics Flora Grow

This fertilizer from General Hydroponics comes as a pack of three products including FloraGro, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom. Each of the three products serves a special purpose toward the growth of peppers. The products come with a mixing chart on how to use the three different products during different stages of growth in peppers

Top Features

  • Boosts all-round growth– The General Hydroponics FloraGro fertilizer in this pack contains 2 percent nitrogen, 1 percent phosphorous, and 6 percent potassium. This combination of these three nutrients works by stimulating vegetative and structural growth. That way, your pepper plants will develop stronger stems and branches. They’ll also develop healthier leaves for enhanced photosynthesis. FloraGro also boosts the development of stronger roots.
  • Stimulates flowering– This pack of three fertilizer also includes General Hydroponics FloraBloom. FloraBloom comprises 5 percent phosphorous and 4 percent potassium. It’s also rich in magnesium and sulfur. The combination of these nutrients stimulates flowering and the development of more peppers. Besides, FloraBloom enhances the aroma and flavor of peppers.
  • Enhances plant cell walls-Another major benefit of this product is that it promotes the development of healthier and stronger cell walls. This is made possible by the FloraMicro fertilizer in this pack. FloraMicro contains 5 percent nitrogen and 1 percent potassium that work as building blocks for plant cells. It also improves the quality of peppers and increases the yields.
  • Ideal for all growing systems– Whether you’re growing your peppers in soil or hydroponics, this fertilizer will do the magic. It’s safe for feeding peppers in all growing systems. Besides, you can adjust the mixture of the three fertilizers to suit the needs of peppers depending on their growing stage.
  • Purified concentrates– Each of the three products in the pack contains a highly purified concentrate. This makes the concentrates more soluble in water for easier mixing and even application.


  • Superior ingredients
  • Contains essential trace elements
  • Instant feeding for faster results
  • Comes with a mixing chart and instructions for easier application
  • The products contain a pH-balanced formula


  • Higher price range
  • Not ideal for indoor use


The General Hydroponics Flora Grow pack of three is one of the best fertilizer for peppers. It’s most suitable for growing bigger peppers with enhanced flavor and aroma.

3. Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer 15-Pounds

Looking for a fertilizer that contains purely natural ingredients? Just like its name suggests, the formula in this fertilizer is mainly sourced from pure earthworm castings. It’s great for feeding peppers. It also boasts of being a reliable fertilizer for feeding flowers and vegetables.

Top Features

  • Odorless formula-One of the key benefits of this fertilizer is that it has an odor-free formula. This makes it great for feeding peppers planted indoors where ventilation is not as good as in the garden.
  • Pure natural ingredients– This fertilizer is made of natural ingredients. It’s rich in trace elements and minerals that are sourced from organic matter. Also, it contains worm castings that protect peppers from diseases. The worm castings also enhance the ability of the soil to retain moisture, thereby making peppers survive through the hot season.
  • Non-toxic formula– The formula in this fertilizer is chemical-free. It doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. This makes it safe for feeding seedlings and young peppers. Besides, the non-toxic formula doesn’t cause any harm to water bodies and the general environment.
  • Water-soluble nutrients– Another benefit of this fertilizer is that it contains water-soluble nutrients. The nutrients mix with water in the simplest form possible. This makes the nutrients more readily available for uptake. That way, your plants will absorb the nutrients more easily and quickly.
  • Improves the soil structure– The fertilizer contains spherical castings. Their shape enhances soil aeration as they don’t pack tightly together. As a result, plant roots will grow more fibrous and faster, thereby increasing the growth rate of the plants. Also, the granules improve soil drainage such that the roots won’t get waterlogged.


  • All-purpose fertilizer
  • Organic certified formula
  • Delivers both immediate and long term feeding
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Creates a great atmosphere for growing peppers


  • Lacks phosphorous and potassium
  • Tends to attract bugs


The formula in this Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer is best suited for improving the soil condition to allow for optimum growth of peppers.

4. Dr. Earth Organic 5

If you’re shopping for organic fertilizers, you’ll hardly fail to notice products from Dr. Earth. This fertilizer is specially designed to feed bothgarden and potted peppers, vegetables, and other summer crops with essential nutrients derived from natural sources.

Top Features

  • Safe around pets and people– One of the most outstanding benefits of this fertilizer is that it’s safe for use around pets and people. It doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients or synthetic chemicals. This also makes it friendly to the environment.
  • Handcrafted formula– The fertilizer is specially handcrafted for enhanced quality. It’s made from top-quality feed grade ingredients.It feeds plants with high-quality nutrients for healthier growth.
  • A rich composition of minerals and nutrients– This fertilizer has a rich composition of multi-minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, proteins, and humic acid. Together, these ingredients promote a healthier soil, thereby creating a better growing environment. Consequently, it enhances growth and productivity in peppers.
  • Improves the performance of plants– It’s worth noting that this fertilizer contains 8 strains of essential endo and ectomycorrhizae. They increase the tolerance of pepper plants to drought. They also enhance the availability of nutrients for enhanced growth and plant performance.
  • Organic transparency– Another top aspect of this fertilizer is that it’s certified by internationally recognized bodies including OMRI, OIM, NOP, and CCOF. These bodies verify whether a gardening product is fully organic. Thus, you can rest assured that you’re indeed investing in a truly organic fertilizer.


  • Non-GMO verified formula
  • Quick nutrients release
  • Feeds plants for several months
  • Makes it easier for roots to absorb essential nutrients
  • Offers optimum essential micronutrients


  • Tends to form mold in potted peppers
  • Has a strong smell


Dr. Earth Organic 5 fertilizer is most ideal for promoting hearty root development. It’s also great for promoting vigorous growth.

5. Jobe’s Organics 9026

The Jobe’s Organics 9026 fertilizer offers an all-natural plant food that you can use confidently to feed all varieties of pepper plants. It comes in the form of granules featuring 2 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphorous, and 3 percent potassium.

Top Features

  • Contains Biozome– The fertilizer is unique in that it contains patented Jobe’s Biozome. Jobe’s Biozome is a special blend of essential microorganisms that break down more complex minerals and materials into simpler forms for easier absorption by plant roots. The microorganisms also assist in improving the long-term quality of soil for a better growing environment.
  • Naturally sourced ingredients– The ingredients used in making this fertilizer are derived from natural sources. For instance, its key ingredients are sourced from bone meal, processed poultry manure, and sulfate. It doesn’t contain toxic additives.
  • Suitable for soil preparation– If you’re planning to plant new peppers, you can take advantage of this fertilizer to prepare the soil. It improves the soil conditions by enriching the soil with micronutrients and improving the soil conditions. That way, your plants will grow healthier.
  • Suitable for all growingstages– Another benefit of this fertilizer is that it’s suitable for application in all growing stages of peppers. It’s safe for application when planting new seeds and new plantings. You can also use it to feed established peppers to boost their growth.
  • Increased resistance– Additionally, this fertilizer is beneficial in that it contains ingredients that increase the resistance of peppers to diseases, drought, and insects. It also protects the plants from unfavorable conditions during their growing season. That way, they’ll survive harsh conditions with enhanced yield.


  • Fast-acting formula
  • OMRI listed and certified organic fertilizer
  • Very affordable price range
  • Application instructions are provided
  • Suitable for all edible plants


  • Leads to the formation of fungus
  • Has a strong stench


The Jobe’s Organics 9026 fertilizer is a great fertilizer for adding to soils with poor conditions to improve them and make it easier to grow both new and established peppers. It’s also suitable for anyone looking for an affordable organic fertilizer.

6. J R Peters Inc (52064)

JR Peters Inc is another leading manufacturer of fertilizers and other gardening products. This fertilizer is one of its best products. It’s specially made as an all-purpose plant food. It comes in a properly sealed bucket and weighs 4 pounds.

Top Features

  • Well-balanced formula-One of the key aspects of this fertilizer is that it has a well-balanced formula. It contains 20 percent nitrogen, 20 percent phosphorous, and 20 percent potassium. This balanced formula allows for all-round and uniform growth.
  • Water-soluble-The fertilizer comes in the form of fine granules. The granules are water-soluble for easier mixing and application. Also, the soluble nature of the fertilizer means that it’ll feed your plants evenly without the risk of burning them.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants-Another benefit of this fertilizer is that it’s ideal for use on all indoor and outdoor plants. You can use it to feed edibles such as peppers and vegetables. You can also use it to feed trees and turf.
  • Rich in micronutrients– The fertilizer contains a rich blend of essential micronutrients. It also contains a good number of trace minerals. Together, these micronutrients and minerals offer optimal nutrition for greener foliage and stronger roots.
  • Gradual nutrients release– Once the fertilizer is properly mixed with water and applied to the soil, it releases nutrients gradually. This means that it keeps feeding plants continuously for vigorous growth throughout the growing season. In fact, it can feed plants for up to four months.


  • A measuring spoon is provided
  • Has a high safety factor
  • Safe formula that doesn’t burn plants
  • Long-term feeding
  • Can be used on both young and mature peppers


  • Higher price range
  • Mild fertilizer smell


Considering its balanced formula, this J R Peters Inc (52064) fertilizer is suitable for application on all types of plants, including those grown indoors and outdoors.

7. Osmocote Smart-Release 8 lb

This fertilizer from Osmocote is among the best fertilizer for peppers, thanks to its reliability in feeding edible plants with essential nutrients. It comes in the form of granules that don’t require any premixing with water before application.

Top Features

  • Rich in micronutrients– The fertilizer contains 14 percent nitrogen, 14 percent phosphorous, and 14 percent potassium. This balanced formula allows for uniform growth in pepper plants such that foliage or peppers won’t grow at the expense of each other. Also, this formula makes it safe for use on all types of edible plants and flowers.
  • Smart-Release formula-This fertilizer is unique in that it comes with granules featuring a patented Osmocote Smart-Release mechanism. Smart-Release is a nutrient release mechanism that ensures nutrients are only released when plants need them the most. The granules have a resin coating that releases nutrients during the warm growing season when peppers and edibles require maximum nutrient uptake.
  • Promotes vigorous growth– Another major aspect of this fertilizer is that it feeds plants with nutrients that encourage vigorous growth. It boosts the development of stronger stems and bigger foliage. Consequently, bigger foliage enhances photosynthesis for enhanced food synthesis. As a result, the plants can deliver higher yields.
  • Stimulates stronger root development-This fertilizer contains ingredients that stimulate the development of stronger roots. Stronger roots can withstand harsh conditions and support larger plants.Also, an improved root network results in enhanced uptake of water and nutrients for healthier growth of plants and more yields.
  • Increases flavor in peppers– If you like enjoying delicious meals with pepper among the ingredients, you can make it spicier by using the best quality peppers. This is only possible if you can feed your pepper plants with the right nutrients. This fertilizer increase flavor in peppers for higher quality yields.


  • Feeds plants for up to four months
  • Works great with perennials
  • Ideal for all edible plants
  • Doesn’t burn plants when used as directed
  • Complete fertilizer formula


  • Not the best for indoor plants
  • The granules leave behind plastic balls


The Osmocote Smart-Release fertilizer is most suitable for feeding all edible plants. It’s also ideal for feeding flowers.

8. Plant Magic Plant Food 1/2 lb

The Plant Magic Plant Food comes as a complete fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 6-5-5. Its ingredients are purely organic and sourced from natural ingredients such as bone ash, humate, plant-based amino acids, and kelp among others.

Top Features

  • Large coverage– A single bag of this fertilizer can be mixed with at least 32 gallons of water. The amount is sufficient to cover an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft. Thus, the amount is enough to feed several pepper plants during the growing season.
  • Safe formula– The fertilizer doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. It doesn’t endanger children, pets, and animals. Also, it doesn’t cause any harmful runoff, making it friendly to the general environment.
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms-A major reason that makes this plant food a great choice for feeding peppers is that it contains several beneficial microorganisms. The microorganisms actively assist in converting minerals and nutrients into forms that can be absorbed by the roots more easily. This promotes faster growth and more productivity.
  • Great for new plantings-The formula in this fertilizer makes it safe for application when planting new seedlings. You’ll simply apply the fertilizer into the planting hole as recommended before placing the seedlings. It doesn’t burn seedlings and young plants when used as recommended.
  • Ideal for both foliar feeding and soilfeeding– You can feed plants with this fertilizer by applying it to the water for absorption by the roots. Alternatively, you can apply the fertilizer directly to the leaves for foliar feeding. In this case, the leaves will absorb essential nutrients directly.


  • Contains several beneficial trace minerals
  • Enhances color and flavor
  • Great for houseplants, containers, and gardens
  • Protects plants against pests, diseases, and drought


  • A little pricey for the amount
  • Requires a lot of stirring to dissolve in water


Plant Magic Plant Food is ideal for feeding edible plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns with a complete fertilizer formula.

Considerations to Make Before Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Peppers

Growing healthy peppers with high quality and huge yields require feeding them with the right fertilizer. With so many products to choose from, it’s essential to make your choice wisely, else you might end up harming your plants. Here’re some factors you need to consider to assist you in making the right choice.

1. Fertilizer analysis

It’s important to take note of the fertilizer analysis of a particular fertilizer product. Essentially, fertilizer analysis refers to the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in a fertilizer, which is represented in the form of NPK ratio. Ensure the fertilizer you’re choosing has a well-balanced NPK ratio. For instance, avoid feeding peppers with excessive nitrogen. Excessive nitrogen might stimulate peppers to grow extremely fast, thereby making them produce a lower harvest and become more prone to pests and diseases. A well-balanced fertilizer formula ensures that peppers get the right amount of essential nutrients for healthier growth and more production.

2. Type of fertilizer

Generally, peppers do best when fed with organic fertilizers. Top-quality organic fertilizers are made with ingredients sourced from natural ingredients. This makes them less toxic than chemical fertilizers. As a result, they’re less likely to burn pepper plants. After all, growing peppers organically is good for your health and the environment.

3. Supported growing environment

Almost all fertilizers are safe for application to peppers grown in the garden. However, not all fertilizers are safe for feeding peppers grown in containers or the indoor environment. If you’re growing peppers in containers, ensure the fertilizer you’re choosing is suitable for feeding peppers grown in containers. Also, if you’re growing peppers indoors, ensure the fertilizer is ideal for indoor use. Preferably, choose an odorless fertilizer for indoor use.

4. Growing stage

If you’re planting new seedlings, ensure the fertilizer you’re choosing is safe for feeding seedlings. Similarly, such a fertilizer should have ingredients that promote root and foliage development. For mature pepper plants, choose a fertilizer that can boost the production of more peppers with enhanced flavor and aroma.

5. Instructions on application

Typically, peppers are light feeders. Thus, you need to feed them with the right amount of fertilizer. In this regard, consider choosing a fertilizer that comes with instructions on how to apply it. That way, you’ll find it easier to feed your plants without overfeeding or underfeeding them. If you overfeed them, you might burn them. Also, if you underfeed them, you won’t get desirable results.


We acknowledge that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best fertilizer for peppers considering the many options available. Each brand of fertilizer may be different. Regardless, choose the fertilizer depending on the results you want. For instance, if you’re planting peppers from new seedlings, ensure the fertilizer you choose encourages root development and leafy growth. If you’re feeding established peppers, consider a fertilizer that encourages more yields. Also, you can have your soil tested to know whether it has any nutrient deficiencies and feed it with a fertilizer that contains the much-needed nutrients. Hopefully, our reviews will assist you to make the best choice.

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